The Top 5 Areas for Treatment Through a Blunt Cannula

The Top 5 Areas for Treatment Through a Blunt Cannula

There is no one who isn’t aware of the many advantages that a blunt cannula poses and the many areas that it can reach in comparison with the newer and latest technologies as well. While there are numerous such advantages, there are also many specific areas that can be excelled through the blunt cannula approach. Yes, this is true and has been specified even by professionals who are well administered in this field as well.

The learning curve offered by the blunt cannula has been greatly surprising as many dermal filler experts agree to the same since this gauge enables various fillers to be injected efficiently as well as effortlessly through the blunt cannula. The blunt cannula therefore does not need to be pushed and punctured through great effort. Many successful and renowned physicians have already explained how this blunt cannula treatment procedure has helped them go places they won’t even touch. The top 5 areas where this blunt cannula is of great use, are given as follows

  • The Anteriomedial Malar Region

Since all dermal filler treatments are not just upper and external treatments but also greatly affect many internal nerves and layers. The treatment is related to the arteries, veins and nerves hence the angular artery and the infra orbital nerve require a very sharp approach. They are the primary areas of concern for anyone and if volume is being used in this area then it goes deep down the periosteum to create soft and beautiful volume without bruising or edema.

  • The Zygomaticomalar and Submalar Region

The puncture which is created in the exact front of the tragus and injected upwards along the zygoma brings great and optimal results down in the submalar region which is only possible through the blunt cannula.

  • The Temporal Hollow and Lateral Brow Region

The temporal artery is the most important from all of the facial nerves and reticular vessels of the lateral brow. Hence these intimidated areas are treated here.

  • The Lip Region

While creating a greatly shaped lip with a cannula might not seem too effective but using it specifically with a dermal injection like the Juvederm Ultra Plus XC along the vermilion border which just lies lower the main border can give great effects and whiter color. Using a cannula will provide volume rather than needles which give only shape risking ecchymosis.

  • The Prejowl Sulcus Region

The sulcus lies beside the jaw line and the blunt cannula allows the puncture to be made to the posterior part of the sulcus where the threading of the cannula towards the tip of the chin lays down the long as well as thick line of thread fillers. Hence this way a nice as well as smooth jaw line without any edema is obtained.

Hence while there are myriads of other areas for the blunt cannula as well but the above provided top 5 areas are very informative and useful already to be used effectively through the blunt cannula for your next dermal filler treatment soon.

This video will help you to understand how to use Blunt cannula with facial fillers. Especially at cheeks, have a look:

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