How Depression Can Cause Skin Problems

How Depression Can Cause Skin Problems?

We have surely heard this thing many times but haven’t paid much attention to it if it really matters to the skin. The truth is that it actually does. Many dermatologists have expressed that when a person is stressed or is experiencing too much of depression then that is very fairly visible through the skin. The skin is the first organ to get affected by it and it starts withering as the muscles there do not work that actively as they normally do.

If you really want to know all about how depression changes your skin, just have a good read at this article below as you need to know the following

The Mind and The Skin Are Connected

Many dermatologists as well as experts have said that the skin and the brain are interconnected and interlinked. The mind and the skin are connected with the organs of the body at many levels. When the skin is stressed it has direct effects on the face and other places as well. For instance, many Eczema sufferers have said that they do not go out and meet people when they are extremely stressed because it shows on their skin with adverse effects.

The Science Behind It

This can be simply explained with the example of acne. Whenever a person is tensed, the body is tensed as well and releases stress hormones in addition to Cortisol that further increases the amount of oil produced by the skin. This therefore adds to a blemish being created that result in severe acne problems on the face through pimples, irritation as well as redness. The stress can also trigger and increase the automatic release of the reduced immune system due to which the problems can be increased as well.

The skin has become more sensitive as well as more reactive due to which it also becomes difficult for the skin to repair or heal when prone to issues. This is also why hair problems are also linked to depression and eating poorly.

What To Do?

There are many ways to get rid of depression or decrease the effect caused by depression. This includes the following:

  • Try to avoid stress by not over thinking and indulging in stress management practices
  • Take care of your skin especially when you are tired
  • Have proper food, water and exercise well and regularly and do what you enjoy.
  • Take a calm walk or stroll regularly to keep yourself balanced at all times
  • Take your personal time away from all the daily routine to enjoy a book or a peaceful sunset
  • Sleep well and make sure that you have at least seven to eight hours sleep at your avail.
  • Indulge in meditation, seek a friend’s help or get professional help if you cannot manage things yourself
  • Try taking off the load of your responsibilities and say no to what stresses you

Hence for all those who had been face stressed due to stress now know what to do and what not to start living good instantly

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