Do dermal fillers destroy your skin; a myth or a reality?

I never believed in chemically based skin products. The toxicity in products available with different brand names with huge amounts of money never centered my attention. I always used natural remedies for my skin and try my best to keep it organic free from hazardous components presents in skin care products.

A couple of years back; I had my skin badly suffered from pigmentation and dark toning. I tried every possible organic remedy, entire change in my diet; I skipped eating all the animal derived food as it causes hormonal change in the body which leads to double tone of skin or pigmentation. I got myself medically tested upside down. Furthermore, I went to see four to six nutritionists as well but nothing seemed to be working for my skin. There was not any possible effort left that I did not agreed to do except using those harmful products. So I decided to go with Stylage Lidocaine Skin Rejuvenation.

Back in my postgraduate class, one day a colleague of mine came to me and allowed me to introduce with the new technology of skin filler injects made organically in a completely sterile medium. In the first place, I did not believe in what she said. Second I made so much fun of her in front of the whole class that she literally ended up in proving it with all the scientific evidences, facts and figures about dermal fillers.
She came back with the whole research ass skin was her majors. She brought me the name of Stylage Hydro (skin rejuvenating and anti-pigmentation) which was best suitable for my skin. It is fundamentally a serum based injection which contains hyaluronic acid as its major component. Hyaluronic acid is formed by our body to make our skin hydrated. It also revitalizes the skin by providing the lost quantity of this acid back to the skin. I was only convinced with the fact that they are purely based on natural components.
She also told me about the online stores, on which I can easily buy the dermal filler. has made its reputation in the market that is why I decided to have my treatment done by their products and get the free service from professional practitioner. Two week after my surgery was done, my skin was better than before and the usual perception of people like me about dermal fillers destroys skin permanently was changed forever.

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