My hair was chemically damaged, back then I colored my hair from black to reddish brown. The first attempt did not make any difference to my hair health. But I was not satisfied with my results because every hair has its own strength of absorbing a color. For instance, red brown color will not appear similar on my hair as they were on any other. When I kept on repeating this process three times over and over again, just to get the shade of hair I wanted, my hair started showing the signs of severe damaging.

It got so dry n so brittle, also I got a lot of breakage in my hair, split ends. My hairs were at a point where they were so fragile with weak roots that it kept coming down when I used to run hair brush through my hair. I noticed a lot of hairs are falling. One of the reasons was not to use good brand of hair dyes, but then it is a secondary issue. The primary one is any hair that has chemicals applied on it will eventually lose its strength and won’t grow healthy for a longer period of time. I decided to use hair products, you can buy Pelo Baum from Meso Pro.

It affected my scalp. My hair was dry and flaky. Also it was painful, because I was dying my hair consistently and the hair color was in continuous contact with my scalp directly which caused a lot of harm to my hair follicles. It was a complete situation of disorder, created by me. And I had to solve it on my own.

Back then, I read an article online, saying about hair care products. So, I made further research on its advantages and disadvantages and discovered the most amazing cosmetic products anyone has ever come across with.

Pelo Baum Hair Products – a combination of three products; shampoo, conditioner and an after-bath solution. The shampoo and conditioner will make your hair hydrating and will provide its aspired nutrients that were lost from the roots because of using toxic chemicals repetitively. And after bath solution assures that all the gained nourishment is sealed for the rest of the day. I made my purchase from a website, has a well reputed image in the market.

Additionally, they build a strong customer bond. Exactly three weeks after using this article, I felt a massive change in my hair growth and its soundness. My hairs are not rough and broken now. They are growing fit each passing day which is the sole happiness of my heart.

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