Vitamix 750 – The Best Blender in Town

Finding a perfect blender can be difficult as there as many companies offering different types of blenders. But not all of them are of use, most of them are expensive and the lower budget blenders as insufficient features for any home chef. But thanks to Vitamix now you can get a professional-grade blender at an affordable price equipped with all of the necessary features to help you in your kitchen.


The Vitamix 750 blender is a complete blending machine that can be used for household and professional use. The blender has equipped with a lot of the latest features which will surely help you in your kitchen and will surely save your cooking time. The blender has a 64-oz container with a broad shape which allows the blender to perfectly blend every ingredient you put in it. Also, this container is big enough to make large batches of recipes for a family party, and this will surely save your time. You can store these recipes for later use.

Vitamix 750

The motor of this blender is a 2.2 HP motor that generates enough force to pierce and pulverize every hard and solid ingredient you put in it. Whether you’re making smoothies, juices, soups, or whatever you want, this will surely and easily blend all the ingredients without creating any fuzz. The Vitamix showcase the power of their blender on their Youtube Channel in which they blend mobile phones, ice, and other solid ingredients into their blender which shows that these blenders are capable of blending and crushing almost anything.

The blades in Vitamix 750 are of 4-inches in diameter and are equipped with laser-cut and hammer-mill technology. These blades are made from stainless steel and totally rust-proof. The blades are specially designed to cut and pierce through any ingredient you put in it and make it easy for anyone to make soups from frozen vegetables and juices from frozen fruits. Moreover, these blades can reach a maximum speed in which they can warm your frozen ingredients due to the friction heat they produce.

Furthermore, the material used in the overall construction of the blender is of high quality, and the plastic used in the making of the container is made up of BPA plastic-free material which ensures that you won’t get any chemicals in your ingredients. The motor base is wide in shape and made up of high-quality material which makes it more stable and vibration-free. In the motor base, there is a radial cooling fan installed to cool down the motor during the blending process.

Vitamix 750 is also equipped with 10 variable speed controls which you can adjust to get your desired texture. These speed controls come really handy in making hearted soups, purees, and smoothies. Also, it has a pulse feature that you can use to manually get your desired texture of every recipe you make in it.

The Vitamix 750 blender is a total package for any house cook and will surely help you a lot in your kitchen and anyone can easily afford this blender as it is not much expensive as other blenders available in the market.