Dermal fillers destroy your skin; a myth or a reality?

I never believed in chemically based skin products. The toxicity in products available with different brand names with huge amounts of money never centered my attention. I always used natural remedies for my skin and try my best to keep it organic free from hazardous components presents in skin care products.
A couple of years back; I had my skin badly suffered from pigmentation and dark toning. I tried every possible organic remedy, entire change in my diet; I skipped eating all the animal derived food as it causes hormonal change in the body which leads to double tone of skin or pigmentation. I got myself medically tested upside down. Furthermore, I went to see four to six nutritionists as well but nothing seemed to be working for my skin. There was not any possible effort left that I did not agreed to do except using those harmful products. So I decided to go with Stylage Hydro Hyaluronic Skin Rejuvenation.

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