Rural Holidays in the UK and the US

The number of American and British holidaymakers favouring staycation over vacation is increasing with every passing day. This is the reason why caravan parks in yorkshire are a common sighting. A staycation will offer the perfect opportunity for family relaxation. After a busy year at work, there is, need to set aside some days that will be spent unwinding while enjoying the company of loved ones.

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Popularity of Caravan and Camping Holidays

These leisure activities are becoming very popular not only in the west but also in other parts of the world. During summer months, a casual observer will notice many caravan parks in Yorkshire. These two holidaying activities are associated with less costs and more convenience. The hassles of arranging for a vacation and the subsequent stresses of travelling to a foreign destination, are great turn offs. On the other hand, caravan and camping holidays can involve having a good time, a small distance from one's home. Therefore, less money will be spent and there will be no need to put in place, complicated arrangements.

Activities involved

Camping and caravanning are a different kind of staycation. They do not merely involve sitting at home and watching the TV while eating pop corns. For the case of caravanning, a person in the company of friends or family members, while be moving around in a caravan. Camping can involve relaxing in a camp facility that is near one's house. Alternatively, one can choose to camp in another city or state so that to escape a neighbourhood.

Modern Day Caravanning

Caravan holidays have assumed new dimensions in modern times. They have been featured in many lifestyle magazines. Many people see them as the new cost effective relaxation alternative. In some holiday circles, they are undergoing a makeover as industry practitioners come up with new innovative ways of enjoying caravan holidays. Retro caravans are making a comeback in a big way. They can be seen cruising American and British roads, during particular seasons of the year.

Luxury camping

Posh camping is commonly called glamping. Presently, this type of leisure activity is very popular in UK and US. British camping holiday is exempt from value added tax. This means that there is room to make savings.

Growth in these industries

Double-digit growth has been observed in camping and caravan industries as more people turn to staycation. In the UK, these two industries grew by an average of fifteen percent. As many more holidaymakers discover the delight of these holidaying alternatives, it is very likely that related industries will grow further leading to improved performance of the economy.

Diverse range of options

When it comes to caravanning and camping, there are wide ranges of options that will confront a holidaymaker. One can choose luxurious alternatives. For those who want to save money, there are many options available.

The number of people booking caravan and camping holidays in the USA and UK, rose by 15 percent in 2014. This can be attributed to increased popularity of staycation options. People want to save money and there is also need for convenience.